Hi, I’m Monica Laurence, your host at Stillness.

Or Momo, as my beloved grandmother affectionately called me. Welcome home, to a place of authentic connection and true freedom.

I’m an entrepreneur, creative innovator and inspirational speaker. I’ve run companies and held various senior executive roles, from the founding teams of startups to acclaimed businesses like Lucasfilm, Intuit and Accenture. I have a bachelor’s in computer science, an MBA, and along the way I became a certified yoga teacher and an advanced open water diver. Over the last decade I split my time between California and Fiji. Going back and forth, I discovered my soul’s home – a place to gain perspective, rekindle my creativity and renew my enthusiasm for life, love and dreams.
Inspired to share this special magic, I purchased a boutique resort nestled on 8 acres of stunning jungle cascading to Savusavu Bay. Beautifying Tavola, named for the indigenous grandmother trees and the family table around which we gather, and making it home has been a grand adventure. Evidently there’s a lot of paint, hammering, and digging involved with bringing such a dream to life! Infused with the laughter, optimism and dance parties of her family, Tavola welcomes you.
When I’m in house, it’s my pleasure to host Stillness retreats, designed for immersion in nature and higher consciousness. I invite you to gift yourself a week of tranquility and presence, cradled in the ancient energies of land and sea in pristine Fiji. Clean cuisine, chakra-activating yoga, channeled journaling practices, and meditative insights mixed with spirited fun and frivolity are just the combination to ignite your creative fire and passion for life.

Here’s what our family says about this transformational place …

Vivian Laurence

independent recording artist

The first time I walked through the front door of Tavola, its magic took hold of me and tears flowed. The striking beauty of this island and the sheer magnificence of Tavola's treetop view of Savusavu Bay left me absolutely speechless.


I brought with me a few well-loved instruments and recording equipment to set up in the wooden bungalow. In the weeks that followed, I felt held and humbled by Fiji's embrace, which gave me access to a boundless stream of inspiration. In one burst of potent creativity, I wrote and recorded a 5-track EP in 2 weeks.


Those days had a luminous quality like I was bathing in a river of sounds that have been here since the beginning of time. I recorded many of the natural sounds around the property and put them in my songs. Listening back to it now, I hear the birds singing along with me and I remember how sacred those weeks were, enjoying the acoustics of that beautiful wooden bungalow, knowing that Tavola gave me the gift of pure self-expression.


Vinaka vaka levu. With all my heart, thank you.

Listen to Vivian's Opia EP, written and recorded at Tavola.

Here’s what our guests say about this transformational place …


Kit Hayes

YouTube Social Impact Leader

The best retreat of my life! I had the greatest pleasure (and honor) to stay with Monica and her dear family for a full 10 days and emerged quite literally a new version of myself, more focused on the present moment and all its glory. The property is literally perfect - aesthetically pleasing from every vantage point, brilliantly architected and expertly layered with the details that make a house a home.


What’s not to be missed: Enjoy a massage on the back deck of your bure before slipping into the infinity pool at sunset. Savor each morsel of the meals – Monica’s a brilliant chef who expertly marries local ingredients and spices to make meals that leave you feeling vibrant. Spend time in every hammock, and bring extra books. Meditate on your back porch. See the sunset or sunrise from the top of the property - it's stunning. Enjoy the ocean view from your shower. Get out and explore! Go on a jungle trek, see a waterfall, visit the secret castaway beach, and check out the town which couldn't be a more well-preserved enclave of local charm. And pay attention to the music that surrounds you -- even this detail is expertly crafted.


Monica’s magic is mystical. She inspires everyone around her to do incredible things with their life, and guides the way to that reality.

· · ·

Bruce Allan

Bruce Allan

virtual reality entrepreneur

From the moment you land it's like you have entered another quantum dimension, one that understands its innocence yet awakens the purest feeling of abundance that nourishes our souls.


I had read something from Joe Dispenza where he said when we wake up in the morning, most of us think in the past, and we don’t allow ourselves stillness to tap into the quantum field of abundance that’s already in our future. We think about what we have to do that day, who we need to interact with, and what current tasks we need to complete. Those trains of thought are reactions to past events, and so we wake up living in the past. Instead, if we are open to feeling an elevated state of emotion that reflects an excitement and enthusiasm for our desired destination, then we are on our path, and we are more open to receiving in more natural ways.


It was this framing, along with my friendship with Monica, that brought me to her villa Tavola and her experience Stillness. I wanted to be open to connecting to a new version of myself. Stillness brings out the best in you as you become one with the land. You are guided by the forces of nature. For instance, when you cook a meal you may have to wait a few days for a pineapple to ripen, you may not catch fish, or you may catch too many. You work with the seasons and connect with the land in ways that allow abundance and beauty to be revealed. This is such a joyful and natural way to live.


Fiji offers a lifestyle that is profoundly nurturing for the soul, constantly reminding us to be grateful for the planet we live on and the abundance it provides. I had a profoundly illuminating experience at Tavola, and I found that new version of myself, along with a deep sense of gratitude for this very magical place on earth.

· · ·


Innovation Specialist and traveler

This weekend was indeed life-affirming. I have a demanding job that requires creativity and leadership. It’s really important to be in balance emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Yet, after several months of responding to the COVID19 emergency, I felt drained and knew I needed to get away to renew not just my body but also my mind and make sense of the new paradigms of a post COVID world.  And then, while exploring the options available, I discovered Stillness and it so resonated that I booked it immediately. Thanks, Monica, for creating this space for rejuvenation, and for your generosity of wisdom, time and care! The weekend delivered on its promise, and the gains are still unfolding.

· · ·

Welcome home, traveler.

Welcome to your soul’s home – a gracious sanctuary designed to nurture you, connect you to nature’s beauty, and sync you with the ancient heartbeat of Fiji.

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