Actionable wisdom to elevate your spirit, streamed from Fiji in April and May 2020.

Our five gatherings were full of juicy insights.

Together we explored practical tools to experience a shift in consciousness:

  • How to develop an awareness that the Universe is conspiring to delight you

  • How you can step outside the box and into a world of potential and possibility

  • How your imagination can re-shape your world right now

  • How kindness, integrity and laughter are magic elixirs

  • How to get out of your own way

Watch recap videos below and apply a few simple tools from your new Stillness toolbox to discover how a shift in consciousness can make your world sparkle.

Watch Our Favorite Clips from the Wisdom Series

Episode 2 | Living in Flow: Feel, Not Think

In life, we have mastered the creation tools of precision planning and execution. In episode two, we explored an alternative method of creation that allows for expansive results: living in flow. Living in flow opens us to receive intuitive insight and spontaneous guidance on our life path. And living in flow does take practice! To live in flow, we must learn to feel, not think.


Episode 3 | Abracadabra: How Your Words Create

Our third gathering centered on transformational creation and honoring our words as vibrational tools. The word abracadabra originates from the Aramaic language, an ancient, sacred language that predates Hebrew. The Aramaic phrase avra kehdabra means "I will create as I speak." As we learn how to consciously shape our realities using our words, our focus is alignment: how to get into it and how to maintain it so that our words reflect integrity and clarity of intention. Here, we discuss aligning with new possibilities rather than combating outdated systems or approaches.

Episode 5 | Welcome Home: Gathering Keys to the Kingdom

On a multidimensional level, the Kingdom represents the space of presence -- a place of peace, purity and creative potential. It is our natural state to live in this place of presence, and yet we more often experience a veiled reality defined by our cultural surroundings. As we walk the path of enlightenment, we glimpse the space of presence from time to time. We believe the fastest way to evolve consciousness is to trust the guidance of your heart and tap into the magic of play.

Your Master Creator, Monica Laurence


Hi! I’m Monica, awakened entrepreneur, creator of Stillness Retreats and host of the Wisdom of Stillness, streamed from the islands to elevate your spirit.

I’m passionate about inspiring people to step into the magic of their true selves – because I believe our world is a more vibrant, free and compassionate place when people live their dreams.

I launched and sold several startups before creating my oasis in Fiji for creative visionaries – people who want to make transformative, global impact. I guide people on a path of enlightenment, akin to a Jedi training ground. (I started my career at Lucasfilm working at Skywalker Ranch... and clearly Star Wars is still in my blood!)

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Photograph by our dear friend, Beth Doane.
Photograph by our dear friend, Beth Doane.

The Wisdom of Stillness series was offered FREE. Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to support over 30 families in Fiji with a box of food and we're still sharing the love. Without tourism, our beautiful islanders are out of work. With your donations, Monica packs a box of nutritious staples, a small treat for each family and an uplifting note of hope and encouragement from you personally.

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