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"Live Your Essence"

Monica Laurence

From my Artist's eye, you are a masterpiece, every facet of you radiating brilliance. Our world has a nasty habit of diminishing and corralling with conformity that which is unique and special. I suppose you can say I'm a defender of the essence that makes you uniquely you. I create spaces in which that divine wildness thrives.

I've worked with entrepreneurs for decades to craft the most powerful incarnations of their ideas. And then, drawing on my diverse business and creative background, I put in place a map to make those visions reality. After a shaping dialogue one day, in which all the elusive pieces to execute on a grand vision subtly clicked into place, one entrepreneur looked at me and asked incredulously, “What DO you call what you do?” Laughing, I flippantly replied, “Alchemy?” It stuck. For me, nurturing the vision that reflects your deepest desires, and clicking all the seemingly disparate pieces into place, comes naturally. It is simultaneously left-brain and right-brain. It is head and heart. And it is FUN. In the process I show you a new way of walking in your full power and potential, to be the master creator you are.

I've had an amazing life already, traveling the world and soaking in its diversity. Working at Lucasfilm on Skywalker Ranch where I came to understand the power of imagination and story telling. Launching and selling startups in Silicon Valley. Using color, texture and design to create spaces which evoke deep emotional connection.

STILLNESS combines the mysticism of Fiji, the rebel spirit of Silicon Valley and the transformative inventiveness of story.

You can learn more about me on my website, in this keynote I gave at Pausefest Melbourne, on Linkedin, and in this purpose-driven media series I launched to imagine, with eco and energy luminaries, a world powered by 100% clean energy.

When you stay with us, you may encounter the rest of our fun-loving family.

"Live Creatively"


Vivian is a multi-dimensional artist with a powerful voice and message. As an independent singer-songwriter and musician, she has released two albums and studied to become a certified sound healer. She hosts The Heart Study, a radio show exploring metaphysics and spiritual growth. As a visual artist, and with her collective Light Lair, she designs and provides conceptual art direction for creators. She is also the co-founder of Amplify Your Essence, a platform to get leading edge healers noticed.

"Live Audaciously"


Christian is an actor, mathematician and computer scientist. He is intensely curious, delving deeply into topics that catch his attention. He loves to challenge himself, slaying any perceived limitations along the way. Like when he decided to embarrass himself, on purpose, every day for a month - and then tell the stories of his misadventures online. Christian enjoys extreme sports and is a certified wilderness first responder. He’s also experienced in meditation, having undertaken two 10-day silent meditation retreats.

"Live Playfully"


Keenan embodies what it means to live in balance. He is an elite athlete, playing at the highest levels in ultimate frisbee. He is simultaneously easy going and perceptive, inspiring respect and confidence among peers and teammates. He loves music and a great dance party. Extra points for spontaneous fun and costumes. Keenan’s passion for life is infectious, as is his kindness, compassion, and commitment to social justice. In our family, we are all better people with Keenan in the mix - from his good humor to his sage wisdom.