Shockingly, the visionary is an endangered species.


Our urban hubs trample the soul with anxiety, overwhelm and conformity. As the pace, distractions and demands of life gain momentum, creators need refuge in the “eye of the storm” to regain their balance, rejuvenate their spirits, and bring their world-shaping ideas into form. To revive, we need nature. We need freedom. We need belonging.  


In the wilds of ancient Fiji our souls naturally speak the language of Stillness, a dimension and inner wisdom that is beyond thought. Stillness is an elevated consciousness where imagination is ignited and major insights, inspirations, and creative solutions are discovered.


Combined with the welcoming embrace of our family of artists and entrepreneurs, here you will find people and place that nurture and inspire. We champion the visionary spirit because we believe that empowering you - and the liberating world you envision - is essential to making change happen. Welcome home.