Discover the inspiration and connection your soul craves.

Ancient culture.

In Fiji there exists an ancient majesty, found in the song of the wind, the embrace of the sea, and the smiles of the people. Legends passed via chants, fire dance and soul-piercing beats. Indigenous plant medicine and native seed gardens. Here live the treasures of universal love, veiled by millenia.

Sunrise yoga.

The world's day begins in Fiji, and we celebrate with sun salutations. Yoga integrates our mind, body and soul. We become more attuned to the wisdom of our bodies - our strong and flexible vessels for this miraculous journey through life.

Frolic about.

Splash in the surf. Kayak over vibrant reefs. Snorkel for a closer encounter with exquisite sea life. Then go ziplining or play frisbee, spikeball or volleyball before diving into our salt water infinity pool and soaking in the expansive view of Savusavu Bay.

Body bliss.

Relax in our open air massage cabana, nestled among the jungle palms and caressed by sea breezes. Treat yourself to a luxurious full body massage with indigenous nut oils scented with Fijian flowers. Sublime.

Meditate & journal.

Divine inspiration, and even communication, can be found in the combination of meditation and journaling. Scout a hammock, climb a tree, and enjoy your own practice, or ask us to share our eclectic approaches.

Sound healing.

Melodies and custom-crafted playlists waft through the air. Songbirds chortle. And sound healing sessions soothe the soul and cultivate a sense of peace and well-being. Let us share with you the feeling of resonance.

Chakra balancing.

Our week-long program includes chakra balancing, beginning with the root chakra on Monday to the crown chakra on Sunday. The chakras are our mental-emotional map, helping us to navigate a sometimes confusing universe that is actually conspiring to delight us. Learning how to tune into our chakras enables us to shift patterns and allow abundance to simply flow.

Intimate gatherings.

Gather in the lounge, swapping stories of travels and adventures. Discover new friendships around the family table, savoring island fusion cuisine. Linger around the fire, laughing and treasuring another day well lived. Stay until the night sky appears, and witness the most glorious carpet of stars in the Southern Sky.

Be nourished, in all ways.

Enjoy freshly harvested native superfoods, catch from the sea, and morning eggs from our free-roaming chickens. Smile as you join in – roasting marshmallows around the fire or gathering fruits from the land. Your meals, snacks and non-alcoholic bevvies are all included, and lovingly adapted to your dietary preferences by our chef.

Creative nooks.

Stroll around our private escape, and you'll discover enticing spaces to spark your creative muse. A library of tempting books from quantum physics to love poems. A recording studio for capturing your lilting riffs and latest tracks. A painting workshop for your masterpieces or your splatterings.

A new perspective.

It is said that a miracle is simply a shift in perspective. But even small shifts can activate a new way of being, and dramatically alter how we see reality and our abilities to shape our world. Empower yourself with high vibe philosophies and practical tools to create abundantly with intention and joy.

A joyful tribe.

Once you've stayed with us, you're family. We're here to support your journey. And we're cheering for your success. We are excited to watch you walk in the world as the master creator you are and inspire others to do the same. Stay connected and hurry back to our shores, because we'll be missing you.